PROTECTIVE METAL CASKETS (For Burial or Entombment)

Batesville 251937        Royal Plum – Purple Finish/Woven Ivory Interior/Lifestories/Lifeview/18 Ga. Steel

WOOD CASKETS (For Burial, Cremation or Entombment)

Victoriaville 5910         St. Patrick – Solid Mahogany / Titian Polish Finish / Ivory Velvet Interior / Corners
Victoriaville 5550         Wabash – Solid Cherry / Embassy Polish Finish / Beige Velvet Interior / Corners
Victoriaville 5610         Michael Angelo – Solid Maple Titian Finish / Beige Velvet Interior / Corners
Victoriaville 5810         Butternut – Solid Walnut / Topaz Satin Finish / Beige Basket Weave Interior
Victoriaville 5740         Simcoe – Red Oak / Topaz Polish Finish / Tan Crepe Interior / Corners
Victoriaville 5760         Testament – Solid Oak / Flax Satin Finish / Tan Crepe Interior
Batesville 246736        Branson – Hardwood/Premium Poplar Veneers/Pecan Satin Finish/Woven Saffron Interior
Victoriaville 5281         Tacoma –Hardwood / Fairmont Satin Finish / Tan Crepe Interior
Victoriaville 5430         Winfield – Poplar Veneer / Cherrywood Satin Finish / Tan Crepe Interior
Victoriaville 70             Crofton – Oak Veneer / Fawn Satin Finish / Light Eggshell Satin
*Victoriaville 5430        Ashfield Ceremonial – Solid Appalacian Ash / Buckeye High Gloss Finish / Tan Crepe Interior
Victoriaville 49             Dover KP– Poplar Veneer / Low Luster Satin Finish / White Silk
Victoriaville 452           Winston – Blue-Grey Fabric Covered Particle Board / White Rayon Interior

NON SERVICE CONTAINERS (For Immediate Cremation or Burial –  No Service)

Victoriaville 479           Diamond – Solid Poplar / Natural Exterior / White Silk Interior
Victoriaville 5080         Newport – Medium Density Fiberboard/Natural Finish/Taffeta Interior/Rope Handles
Wawanosh Enterprises  Basic – Plywood / Unfinished Exterior / No Interior / Wood End Handle

*The Ceremonial Casket is used for the Gathering and Funeral Ceremony only.  The casket is available for rent, has been used before and may be used again.  The included interior container is constructed of solid Canadian aspen pine with pillow and bedding to be used for final disposition.

All of the caskets listed above are considered standard adult size.  Extra width/oversized caskets are available when required.



SST30x86              Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune Burial Vault 30” x 86” inside. Concrete exterior double reinforced                                                 w/stainless steel and high-impact ABS Trilon thermoplastic. Brilliant stainless steel carapace
VEN30x86             Wilbert Venetian Burial Vault 30” x 86” inside.  Concrete exterior w/premium ABS Marbelon plastic-                                       reinforced cover and base. Rich look of polished marble
MONT30x86         Wilbert Monticello Burial Vault 30” x 86” inside.  Concrete exterior w/Strentex plastic-reinforced                                              cover and base. Lid is painted Bronze, Silver or Gold with name plaque and choice of wreath, crucifix                                          or Masonic emblem
LINER30x86          Concrete Grave Liner / 30” x 86” inside w/ unsealed lid and drain holes in bottom

All of the vaults listed above are designed for a standard adult size casket.  Oversized vaults are available when a larger interior width is required.


Eckels 010                  Guardian Sandstone Urn Vault / 16” x 14” x 12” / 12” inside base / Brass plaque included
CantonMONTUV    Wilbert Monticello Urn Vault / 12 ½” x 12 ½” x 13 ¾” / Concrete exterior w/Strentex plastic-                                                      reinforced cover and base / Painted Bronze, Silver or Gold 
Manchester                Polystyrene Urn Vault


We offer personal memorials for cremated remains from a number of reputable suppliers.  Full-size, keepsake and scattering urns, as well as urn vaults, are available. 

Products range from traditional to modern urns along with more discrete keepsakes, such as picture frames, wind chimes and jewellery.


We offer a selection of environmentally friendly funeral products for those who wish to make green choices.


  • Coroner’s Fee – Cremation Certificate
  • *Municipal Burial Registration Fee
  • Death Notice/Obituary (Newspaper, Radio)
  • Musicians (Organist, Piper, Soloist etc.)
  • Clergy/Church Honorarium and or Gift to Clergy
  • Cemetery/Cremation/Burial Fees
  • Florist
  • Luncheon Facilities/Catering 

We offer a variety of stationary options to pay tribute to your loved one.  We work with Canadian companies to provide families with high quality, personalized options.

For personalized gifts for the bereaved we offer our Gifts From the Heart Gift Centre with unique gift items, bereavement cards and collectibles.